My Back Pages … This morning’s Journey to the Center of Your Mind …by Steve Johnson


Sometimes I wonder if calling me dysfunctional is a compliment…as it’s a move up! What could this possibly have to do with fitness! …stay with me!

You may think I was rushing the season as last week I took advantage of the beautiful warm weather we’ve recently been having. After what seemed to be a long, sleepy winter; the sun had just began drenching our little neighborhood with bucket loads of that well needed Vitamin D. It had also been a busy week at the gym and I was determined to get in a quick hour of some “me” time; also not letting those warm rays escape without catching a few; so donning only an old pair of gym shorts, my lounge chair, a small amount of wine and cheese (key words here: small amount), and the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine; I began climbing to the top of my VW Bus, which…over the years had also become my sanctuary.


I had already opened the sliding door and dropped into the slot of my eight track tape player Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplanes coveted rendition of “White Rabbit”. That’s right, I said Jefferson Airplane. Those reverent sounds were just beginning to gyrate into my brain as I closed my eyes and laid my head back toward the heavens; when behind me I heard the sound of screeching tires pulling into the driveway. They were hurried sounds coming to an abrupt halt. The doors quickly opened; producing both of my offspring; as one of them yelled, “DAD…COME DOWN FROM THERE IMMEDIATELY! …WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBORS THINK!”


I didn’t want to rain on their parade, but the neighbors gave up on me a long time ago. I also knew that usually with just a quick wave of my arm, they would get whatever they came for; then leave…which is exactly what happened. Knowing they report everything to their mother; I was already anticipating what was coming next; so I simply reached down and turned off my phone; as no one was gonna’ interrupt my quick trip to La-La Land.


We all need a diversion. A quick one hour distraction of some “me” time is not being selfish, but energizes our body and brain so we can continue our responsibilities of taking care of our families while also jockeying work, school or retirement. I can’t imagine you don’t have a VW Bus; but for some strange reason, if you don’t; then take an hour out of your day and head to the gym. A gym is a great place to spend your daily diversion. You can actually feel the stress exit your body.


Well…there goes the distant sound of the back-up horn from the clamp truck; telling me all’s well in the neighborhood…also signaling my hour is up. If I don’t show up at the gym; just come by my driveway; climb up and tug on my toe! Remember…good sleep is also one of the five pieces of the fitness puzzle!


That’s about all I’ve got for today; so until we meet again, let me leave you with this advice!


“Never do anything you can’t explain to the paramedics!” It could be embarrassing…




…from your friend, still made the old fashioned way …HAND BATTERED SINCE 1952 …sj


Copyright © 2018 Steve Johnson


OH! ONE LAST WORD! I also can’t leave you without getting in my daily note about WOODSTOCK. Many of you weren’t even thought of when this record album cover was made, and over the years its cover has become reverent. The couple shown here later married and are still together today. They live in Georgia.