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QUESTIONS 67 & 68… Chicago

What could any of this have to do with
your fitness journey?

How many times have you sat in church as you and the rest of the congregation recited the Nicene Creed? Doing your part you simply read along, never questioning anything; not even the two words ‘begotten son’. Did you know what those two words meant or just read them out loud, as it seemed like the thing to do.


If I were a betting person I’d bet that you still don’t know unless you’re quickly googling it. No need because as usual I’ll again come to your rescue. The word ‘begotten’ comes from the Greek word ‘beget’ meaning a child born of this earth, being worldly, not spiritual. There’s a lot more to it but for now that will do. While I’m slamming you I’ll also bet that you don’t know the difference between a B flat and a B sharp on the piano. I do, because as my dad once said, I know everything. Apparently he was correct as my wife tells me that same thing today. The good thing is I’m in perfect harmony with their answers, and I thank you all for agreeing. This brings us to the title; as well as the subtitle to this week’s Journey to the Center of Your Mind.


As a small child, and just after learning to read; I too remember sitting in church and reciting the Nicene Creed but those two words weren’t about to simply sail by without putting my curious mind into research mode. Once arriving back home I looked up the meaning. The next thing that bothered me was; who was Noah Zark? Even looking it up I couldn’t find this man’s name anywhere. I knew he existed as the preacher would often speak of him, as he sometimes said, “The boat built by Noah became known as Noah’s Ark. In my simple mind I heard it as Noah Zark; hence, the confusion. Communication in anything we do in our lives is a must, never being an afterthought. By now you’re wondering what any of this has to do with fitness, but stay with me as the explanation pours easier if I once again take you back to my childhood years.


In our backyard was a big picnic table. It was also the perfect place for my kingdom as all I had to do was cover it with an old worn out bed sheet and it instantly became my castle. One day while riding my bicycle I noticed two silver teddy bears laying atop of someone’s roadside trash. They were fresh and appeared new so into my basket they went. Over the years those two bears and I became great friends and the three of us would often crawl beneath that picnic table where I would get out my ‘HOW TO’ books and the three of us would read all day long.


At an early age I was able to learn how it took both a positive and negative current to produce electricity as well as what the three numbers meant on bags of fertilizer. Those magical books also showed what made our body move and how all the muscles, tendons and ligaments were interrelated. Did you know that if you move your shoulder more than 30 degrees in any one direction your rotator cuff becomes stressed? No; you didn’t know that until I just told you. If you did you never would have needed those three shoulder surgeries you’ve had over the years. I lift weights every day and never needed shoulder surgery, but you also have to remember that I know everything.


The bottom line is that we can’t ‘retain in our brain’ anything that we never learned. Our body is full of intricate parts but with a little practice you can see how they all fit. The truth is; no one will ever know everything about anything; as life is a continuous learning experience, but I can tell you our training staff at the gym can get you and keep you on track as to what it takes to keep your body moving in the correct direction. Give it a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Oh! ..one last thing before I exit the pulpit. Do you know why it’s called the Nicene Creed? I do; but in case you forgot, I know everything!

Unless you really look deep into your soul; you may not understand the meaning of the subtitle of today’s Journey to the Center of Your Mind (QUESTIONS 67 & 68) as well as how it fits into your own fitness journey. If I’ve left you scratching your head then I’m refusing to bail you out but asking you to listen to this great song written and produced by CHICAGO. Listen carefully and you’ll better understand life’s travels because I’d like to know; can you tell me, please don’t tell me.


Terry Kath, Rest in Peace Forever…sj




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