…one small trick you’re forgetting!


Let’s run the hands of the clock backwards to when you were a small child watching your mom cooking bacon. What did she do with all the grease? If she did what my mom did she put it in a silver canister marked ‘Grease’ to use later for cooking …ouch! To get it into that canister she had to quickly pour it while it was still hot and still in a liquid state; as once cooled it was now solid, not going anywhere.


When we consume food our body immediately begins breaking it down into fats, carbohydrates or proteins. The good fats, carbs and proteins go to where they are needed but what about excess fat …nowhere to go so it’s trapped, usually first around the belly where it sits until hardened into an ugly semi-solid mush, similar to trimming the fat from your favorite piece of meat. Think about it! Which leaves your body quicker, solids or liquids? The trick is to help break it down by heating it back up.


The good thing about excess fat is it is usually stored just beneath the epidermis, or outer layer of skin which makes it close to the surface. Being close to the surface makes it easier to heat back up, which helps in breaking it down. Remember; a body in motion tends to stay in motion whereas a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Keep your body warm by moving it with exercise. A calorie is nothing more than a unit of heat so burning calories also burns excess fat.


Warm your body up first with some good cardio on one of the treadmills, ellipticals or bikes at the gym; or schedule a class into your workout. There are over 250 of them offered each month. Either way you’ll be keeping your body warm which helps to burn fat. The trick to making belly fat disappear is to keep your body warm throughout your entire workout. It’s great to know we don’t have to rely on those ‘shaker strap’ vibrating things that went around your waist; popular in the 50’s. No telling what else they were also shaking loose on the inside.