Prelude to a Life

My Cosmic-Intergalactic think tank is located in an eclectic part of town where people’s habits forecast all seven daze of the week. Mornings begin around 4:20 AM with the aroma of coffee. It seems like no time at all until 4:20 in the afternoon when the winds of change seem to reincarnate a different aroma; reminiscent  of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. This is the time of day when you also see the silhouetted shadows of lava lamps from behind closed curtains. Included in the circus are two local hookers, Jubilee and Lollipop; two aging ladies that look as though they never quite made it back from Woodstock. Their port of entry is the bus stop directly in front of my picture window. Their arrival each Saturday evening also signals everything in our little village is running right on time.


Some of their customers are my neighbors. There’s Billy; who prefers William, only after quickly shooting three scotch and waters before asking them to come inside. There’s also Jerry who ran the local record shop for years; and Claire, who could have easily been their counterpart instead of choosing a life of recluse; only coming from behind closed doors to gather her mail and morning paper. Excuse me; there is one other time Claire ventures outside. Upon the arrival of these two ladies, she goes to her car where she retrieves a small case. With darting eyes she hurries back inside. I never asked what that case contained as the answer may blow the roof clean off my entire imagination.


I guess that leaves me. Every now and then temptation presents encouraging values. This is when making a decision becomes vital in our existence.  There are three things I’ve learned about making any decision.  The best is to make a correct decision the first time. The second best is to make an incorrect decision which can later be corrected; and the third…and definitely the worst…is to make no decision at all.


I’m writing this on a Saturday evening and just like clockwork the squeaking brakes of the approaching bus just signaled these ladies arrival. It appears my front door will be the first to take a direct incoming hit.  Seconds later is the rap of their knuckles, followed by, “Can we borrow a cigarette?”  …street code for ‘can we come in.’ Thoughts quickly turn to my college days when incorrect decisions caused more than once having to make an embarrassing mad dash to the campus health clinic; while the other side of me is faced with the ole’ saying, “The girls all get prettier at closing time.” Right or wrong…it’s decision time. Finally through an unopened door my voice ejects a low and insecure reply; “No cigarettes here, ladies …no one’s home.”


I guess memories of riding home from the campus health clinic, with a soft pillow under by bottom prevailed.  A much better choice might be to mix a good protein drink then switch on a little Elton John, live at Madison Square Garden. After all; the sounds of ‘Someone saved my life tonight…sugar bear’ may be just what I need. Tonight my hat’s off to Sir Elton John, as well as Bernie Taupin.


Unorganized thoughts can lead to unorganized choices…don’t let it happen. The next time you feel as though you can’t make it to the gym; think again. The real answer lies not within your choice, but within the consequences.


Life’s choices …I made mine a long time ago.

What about you…




…from your friend, 8 miles high on life …and climbing  …sj


“Whatever I may or may not have become is because of choices I made; but they were my choices and no one else’s.”


…the late Mike Mentzer, 3X’s Mr. America


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