It’s time to experience what it’s like to belong to a fitness community, not just a gym. Whether you are looking for a real life change or finding a new fitness facility to call “home,” we have exactly what you want. We are a full service fitness center offering extraordinary value – Expert Fitness Training and Consultation, Tailored One-On-One and Group Training, Extensive Array of Strength Equipment and Free Weights Targeting All Muscle Groups, Comprehensive Selection of Cardiovascular Exercise Machines, Engaging TRX Training Sessions and Invigorating Pilates Reformer Workouts.

We provide Unmatched Security – Secured Entry, 24/7 Monitoring, and Vigilant Security Measures with Hassle-Free Parking and Accessibility. We are a team of qualified trainers and staff, each dedicated to offering you expert guidance and support, every day. We realize that you have more choices than ever for gyms and fitness programs. We strive to separate ourselves through our personal approach and personal commitment to you, our customers. Compare us to anyone and you will realize Stronghold is your haven for a healthier lifestyle and breaking a sweat, not breaking your bank.


Gift Cards for gym memberships and personal training services are available at the front desk. Shop local and give the gift of wellness. Love the skin you are in!


Personal Training

Our certified trainers develop personalized training programs that work and fit your body and lifestyle. Daily, weekly and monthly, we motivate and give you milestones to work toward.


Free Weights

Looking to increase both strength and muscle? Strength training equipment is important to any fitness routine and muscle building. Our facility is stocked with tons of the best free weight equipment.


Cardio Areas

Stronghold provides several designated areas for cardio exercise with treadmills, stair mills, rowing machines, spin bikes, LS trainers, elliptical and recumbent bikes.


Intuitive Movement

Incorporating the mindfulness of free motion, or the natural fluid motion from one body movement to another. Tailored neuromuscular programs for you to succeed in happy daily life.


I had to do something to get my body in better shape. Not sure of what to expect I finally worked up the courage to walk through the door. It wasn’t intimidating at all. Everyone was friendly and the staff helped me to set up a fitness program.

Jerry S.

I’d never set foot in a gym before. A friend told me about Stronghold Gym. I went one time with her and was hooked! It wasn’t what I expected at all. It has a great neighborhood feel.

Beth G.

Personal training is my thing - I need the motivation. I’d heard of some of the trainers at Stronghold so thought I’d give one a try. It’s been a great journey going on now for a little over a year.

David J.

I didn’t want to look like Arnold but wanted a little more size to my arms. The staff was very knowledgeable and worked up a program that I could follow. Now my wife and all three of my girlfriends are jealous!

Phillip D.

The environment is very friendly. Everybody sorta knows and helps everybody. Lot of equipment and cardio equipment so we rarely have to wait on a machine. The class instructors are great and Tribe is killer.

Gary H.

I couldn’t believe it when I read they had a choice of over 50 fitness classes offered each week, with your first one being free. Unbelievable instructors! I now do three each week and have been a member for over a year.

Carla B.

I have met so many fun people at Stronghold that I really look forward to working out!

Jessie F.

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4039 Trenholm Road,
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Monday to Friday – 4am. to 9pm.
Saturday and Sunday – 6am. to 6pm.

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