Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness

500 kcal burned


Level: Hard
# of participants

Bringing Cirque Du Le to mainstream.


These 60 minute sessions combine stretching exercises, Pilates based core moves, fun aerial challenges, strength training, balance and posture work, to create great body conditioning. It focuses on 3 dimensional movement, conditioning, joint rotation and mobility.


This is a fun challenging form of fitness that combines something new in the fitness environment to put your body in different positions and new ways you never thought you could.  The support provided by fabrics makes using aerial fitness very accessible for people of all ages and ability levels.


This is for the anyone who wants a strong core, great flexibility, poise and posture, wants to build confidence and is open to trying something new.

Various sessions offered include:

– Aerial fabric
– Aerial hammock – yoga or Pilates
– Aerial hoop – Lyra
– Static trapeze
– Swinging trapeze – steel
– Rope
– Cloud Swing
– Hand
– Contortion – flexibility at a new level


Benefits of aerial fitness include:

– Strength, flexibility, stability, cardio
– All encompassing workout
– Spinal decompression
– Increased pro-perception
– Fun mental acuity
– Improve spatial awareness
– Joint rotation and mobility
– Mode of relativity and confidence builder


Offering private and group classes – we accommodate children to adults


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