Stronghold Gym is the best facility in the area and we prove it to our members every day. Our friendly, knowledgeable, energetic staff is committed to giving every customer the best service possible. Everything we do starts and ends with our members.

We’re more than just exercise equipment. Our amazing amenities – expert fitness and personal training, aerial fitness, and weight loss solutions are designed to bring the best in health and fitness to Columbia, SC.

Strength Equipment/Free Weights

Looking to increase both strength and muscle? Strength training equipment is important to any fitness routine and muscle building. Strength training is one of the oldest disciplines to keeping a fit life. Not only do you build muscle, you burn fat, and increase your overall health, and strengthen yourself mentally.


Stronghold provides a huge selection of free-weight and machine equipment. Bars and collars, Barbells, dumbbells, benches, Kettle bells, plates, squat power racks and rigs – abs, back, lat, leg, smith machines – a complete line of exercise equipment and free weights.


We have countless workout systems that help balance the weight for you and to start pushing you toward your goals.


When you realize just how much cardio exercise can do for you, you may want to do some right now. There are very few activities you can do for a short period of time that has this many benefits.


Stronghold provides several designated rooms and areas for cardio exercise with treadmills, stair mills, rowing machines, spin bikes, LS trainers, elliptical and recumbent bikes.


The great thing about cardio is that you don’t have to work out for an hour at a high intensity to get the benefits. And our personal trainers can advise and set you up with cardio programs to fit your lifestyle.


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