Nicki Wilson



Fitness Instructor

Nicki had been an avid runner for several years when she discovered Pilates and its benefits for flexibility, stability, strength and correct posture. Fast forward 10 years and Nicki was pregnant with her first child. She credits Pilates with helping her stay strong and balanced in her back and core during pregnancy and in helping her body recover after a c-section. When her son was one, she became certified in Mat Pilates and began her journey in fitness instruction.

Nicki has taught Extreme Core and Pilates at Stronghold since 2010. She was integral in the development of the Barre Fusion program in 2014. She teaches Foundations, which integrates Yoga and Pilates moves to work on strength and flexibility through the spine, back muscles, and posterior chain. You can also find her teaching in the Spin room and in Studio 1 teaching TBT, adding weights and cardio moves to the principles of flexibility and core strength. Nicki’s goal is to ensure everyone in her class is learning, focusing on correct posture, listening to their bodies and having fun!

Nicki is married to Josh and they have a son, Jack, and a daughter, Evelyn. They also have an adorable black lab named Holly.